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for archives

We insure art and cultural archives.

Edition of Nationale Suisse, photoprint, ed. 63/150, 2011
Edition of Nationale Suisse, photoprint, ed. 63/150, 2011
Dr. Stephan Zilkens | Zilkens Kunstversicherung

We make sure that your archive is secure.

Archives carry a huge responsibility by securing and preserving valuable documents and works of art. Historically significant, theme-specific fields of collection are secured, developed and made available for scientific and academic research.

In cooperation with you, we develop tailor-made insurance solutions for your archive material.

Dr. phil. Stephan Zilkens

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As part of the Art Cologne, we invite you to the annual Cologne Fine Art Insurance Talk.
Boris Becker, „Bir el Shadia Hedschas Bahn“ aus dem Projekt „Lawrence von Arabien“, 2010

The treasure chest of any society is its history


Archives are among the most important institutions that we have. They are our society’s profoundly sensitive cultural, legal and administrative memory bank. Retaining your collection and preserving it through the generations requires not just careful handling but also the regular readjustment of its protection, also in the form of insurance cover.

Municipal, private or ecclesiastic archives, as well as university, college or corporate and business archives carry a great deal of responsibility for the entire human race.

We help you to bear this responsibility more lightly by providing customised insurance solutions.


Extensive archive of our lectures on art and the art insurance business for you to read.
Edition of Nationale Suisse, photoprint, ed. 63/150, 2011


About us

It is the love of art and the absolute satisfaction of our clients that has made us so successful for more than 35 years.

We deliberately focus on the things we know something about and have experts for all essential areas of risk management and occupational pension provision. For special requirements, we can draw on our network of experienced specialists.

Few insurance brokers have such a broad range of experience in all areas of insurance. Through many years of experience, both with insurance companies and insurance brokers, and always in close contact with our clients, we have learned to speak all the necessary languages. We have been able to develop our current expertise through many years of working for other companies. Innovation is our constant companion.

So that your art is safe everywhere.


Zilkens Fine Art Insurance Broker GmbH is an owner-run (CV Dr. Stephan Zilkens) company. This lends a special significance to our corporate philosophy, as the owner vouches with his name for the company’s services and performance.

Two characteristics define our brand essence. One is our love of art and the other is our customers’ absolute satisfaction. Only the consonance of these two factors makes us successful.

To fulfil our aspiration of providing reliable orientation in an increasingly complex world, we adhere to a set of ethical and moral principles. The quality of our work plays a special part in this process. We want to and can distinguish ourselves only with excellent performance and customer satisfaction.

We endeavour to advise our customers neutrally and in the optimum manner with a high level of expertise. Reliability is seen as something special these days, but we live and breathe it on a daily basis. We always search for the the best and safest solution because we have geared our customer relationships to the long-term.