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Cologne Fine Art
Talk #10
Fr 19 Nov 2021

Boris Becker, “Bir el Shadia Hedschas Bahn” from the project “Lawrence von Arabien”, 2010
Boris Becker, “Bir el Shadia Hedschas Bahn” from the project “Lawrence von Arabien”, 2010

As part of Art Cologne, we invite you to the annual Cologne Fine Art Insurance Talk.

10th Cologne Fine Art Insurance Talk – Anniversary event

KKVG - the tenth. The anniversary event of Zilkens Fine Art Insurance Broker GmbH within the framework of Art Cologne took place on Friday 19 November 2021 and time the theme was:

Price. Value. Sustainable? - The art, the climate and the insurance.

Topics such as the Gallery Climate Coalition and NFT, as well as the contradictions therein were the focus of the tenth event.

How can the art world become greener and more sustainable when even renowned museums are currently entering the cryptocurrency market? Art history classics are being transformed into multiple, energy-consuming NFTs and auctioned off to the highest bidders.

Wasting resources in line with the much-discussed reduction of the carbon footprint? Global trade fair participation versus Virtual Gallery? What about the seriousness of digital artworks? Are we creating a new El Dorado for money laundering?

Is the insurance industry open to new risks such as those created by NFTs? What products does it have in store for its customers? These and many other questions will be discussed astutely and controversially on 19 November.

Under the chairmanship of Peter Grabowski, the panellists included

  • Dr. Alexander Wiebe, Managing Director, HDI Global Specialty Underwriting Agency GmbH
  • Birgit Vikas, Managing Director, Kunsttrans Spedition GmbH
  • Isabel Apiarius-Hanstein, limited partner, Kunsthaus Lempertz KG
  • Stefan Kobel, Journalist and Art Market Specialist
  • Dr. Günter Winands, Ministerial Director at the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media


Extensive archive of our lectures on art and the art insurance business for you to read.
Edition of Nationale Suisse, photoprint, ed. 63/150, 2011
State liability

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The term "State liability" first appeared in Sweden in 1974 in the context of art exhibitions. Since 1975, the USA has established a very detailed set of rules for granting state guarantees for exhibitions of international importance. In Germany, state and federal state guarantees have been increasingly issued since 1992. Since then, parliaments ... read more

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Anna Zyvagintseva; order of things 2015

KKVG #6 2017 | Art insurance in times of uncertainty

"Art insurance in times of uncertainty" is a rhetorical trick. The business model of any risk insurance is uncertainty. However, this was precisely what the 6th Cologne Art Insurance Talk by art insurance broker Zilkens Fine Art during Art Cologne on 27 April was all about. more

Impairment - reality or fiction, curse or blessing?

KKVG #5 2016 | Impairment - reality or fiction, curse or blessing?

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Art on Tour

KKVG #4 2015 | Art on Tour

Year after year, the insurance industry shoulders billions of euros so that institutions can make art and cultural assets accessible to a broad public in accordance with their educational mandate. But is the benefit to society worth the risks taken? Where are the limits? How are these risks distributed and can they be cushioned, passed on or even avoided? ... read more

Wrong Art - Properly Insured

KKVG #3 2014 | Wrong Art - Properly Insured

2012/2013 are years of public uncertainty in the art trade. In New York, the renowned Knödler Gallery closes down because apparently fake works were sold as genuine for years. In Germany, the Beltracchi case is widely reported. Leading auction houses, from Christies to Sotheby's, but also more locally oriented ones like Lempertz, have sold works by Max Ernst ... read more

Dispute over values: art and insurance

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The central theme of the event was the relationship between "art and values". In the introductory lecture, Dr Stephan Zilkens explained "Aspects of risk management in the art sector" against this background. Taking into account the different ownership structures, he shed light on the two core questions of the insurance industry with regard to fine art: how to specify ... read more

Art transports by sea

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Art transports by sea: niche for professionals or culture-threatening nuisance? - was the title of the first Cologne Art Insurance Talk initiated and organised by Zilkens Fine Art as part of Art Cologne. Around 120 top-class guests from the insurance industry (primary insurers, reinsurers, art experts, academics, specialist lawyers, ... read more