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Kobel's Art Weekly Archive

Ihor Sarabieiev, Hague style; free via

Kobel's Art Weekly 12 2023

The Russian sanctions have made the art market one of the most regulated sectors, explains Paula Trommel in The Art Newspaper: "The traditional refrain about the art market has been that it is the last unregulated market. This refrain was never entirely accurate, but now it is less and less correct. Not only do various laws like sanctions and bans ... read more

Tefaf Maastricht 2023; photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 11 2023

Scott Reyburn describes in the New York Times how the Tefaf in Maastricht is holding its own in the art market: "But arguably the biggest challenge TEFAF faces is the way the pendulum of collecting taste has swung decisively toward contemporary art in recent years, putting pressure on fairs with a historical focus, such as Masterpiece in London and TEFAF's ... read more

Mantas Krulis, Stop propoganda; free via

Kobel's Art Weekly 10 2023

Scott Reyburn from London reports mixed auction results for the New York Times: "Both totals were considerably lower than the $298 million and $297.2 million achieved by Christie's and Sotheby's at their equivalent sales last March. Experts are concerned that in the current geopolitical climate, this is a market with a softening middle, particularly for modern artworks. Because the global ... read more

Arco Madrid 2023; photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 9 2023

One year ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. Only a few days later, at the instigation of actors from the Austrian art scene, the Office Ukraine was set up by the Ministry of Art, whose interim report is presented by Werner Remm at "In the first year of its existence, the Office Ukraine was contacted at its three locations by around ... read more

Stable AI's idea of an art fair in California

Kobel's Art Weekly 8 2023

A profound change in the art market is likely to come not in the form of real or imagined threats from techniques like NFTs and AI, but from marketing. This is supported by Daniel Cassidy's observations and thoughts on the occasion of Frieze LA for Artnews: "Some have argued that a behind-the-scenes change has also started the shift. Entertainment company ... read more

Aleksander Korol, Ukraine, free via

Kobel's Art Weekly 7 2023

How Ukrainian artists deal with the war in their homeland is shown in the ARD documentary "Zwischen Exil und Front" (Between Exile and the Front), which is not yet (?) available in the media library, but will be shown again today on NDR.Sarah Cascone has compiled initiatives from the art world for the victims of the earthquake catastrophe in Syria ... read more