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Kobel's Art Weekly Archive

Stable Diffusion, Prompt: Portrait of the singer Prince in the style of Andy Warhol

Kobel's Art Weekly 21 2023

The rather sluggish course of the New York auction week summarises Barbara Kutscher in the Handelsblatt: "Bidders only grabbed important works fresh from the market and the very special. As Alex Rotter, Christie's head of the 20/21 department, stated on 11 May: "We are confronted with a more difficult market situation, economically, politically, in every respect". Low interest rates, which ... read more

Elle Art "We never learn"; free via

Kobel's Art Weekly 20 2023

Institutions and the market are extending the discourse of decolonisation eastwards, explains Katie Marie Davies in the Russian exile portal Meduza: "It wasn't until Moscow's 2022 invasion of Ukraine that the topic of Russian colonialism converged with broader conversations about decolonization, but it catapulted into the public consciousness quickly. Previously, decolonization was one of the issues that we would come ... read more

Maike Cruse (with Franziska Giffey, Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath) at the Galadinner of GWB 2023; photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 19 2023

After half a year of seat-vacancy, Art Basel in Basel has a new director in Maike Cruse. Berliners lament the departure of the director of Gallery Weekend Berlin, including Marcus Woeller in the WeLT: "The appointment is a good decision for the world - but bad for Berlin. A big gap needs to be filled here. Because in the capital, ... read more

Gallery Weekend Berlin Dinner; photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 18 2023

The New York Times last reported on the Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019. Yet this spring, diversity and a spirit of optimism reign on the Spree as rarely in recent times. Kevin Hanschke sums it up in the FAZ: "Overall, identity, whether social, political or digital, is one of the common threads holding the weekend together. [...] The response from international ... read more

Art Brussels 2023; photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 17 2023

Jens Bülskämper opens his good-humoured tour of Art Brussels for Monopol with a detailed appreciation of the fair's successful and publicity friendly charity campaign with good art for little money: "But that's over now, Art Brussels has come up with a successful gimmick for a good cause: numerous artists at the fair contributed a picture in postcard format to declare ... read more

Expo Chicago 2023; photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 16 2023

"Back in full force" with "genually enthusiastic collectors" is Expo Chicago, as is actually always the case with any art fair with Eileen Kinsella for Artnet. Carlie Porterfield finds PR-speak of the same tenor for The Art Newspaper. Christiane Meixner reports in a more balanced way in the Tagesspiegel: "There ... read more