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Zilkens' News Blog Archive

Zilkens' News Blog 17 2022

Europe has been lucky once again - the majority of winegrowers from Bordeaux who voted for Le Pen were unable to help her to victory; Macron managed to be elected President of France for the second time with just under 59%. He staged his entrance to the victory speech with Beethoven's Ode to Joy and, after a Iamthe-president-of-all-Frenchmen-and-women-and-many-thank-you speech, had the Marseillaise sung to him ... read more

Zilkens‘ News Blog 16 2022

Dear reader of our newsblog and of Kobel's Art Week,Easter, the feast of resurrection and overcoming the fear of death, was not peaceful in Europe's East - the bombardment of the Ukrainian population continued. The Russian popes will probably remain silent about the deeds of their patron, because without his renunciation of communist maxims in matters of religion, they would have to work underground, which ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 15 2022

Dear readers of Kobel's Art Week,as you know, we are now bilingual, in German and English. That's why gendering doesn't work so well any more, because English has a harder time with it. So we stay on the carpet and write like we used to:About Art Düsseldorf, which in the light-flooded halls (when the sun was shining) gave 86 galleries the opportunity to show what ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 14 2022

Dear readers of our newsblog and of Kobel's Art Week,The world community tolerated Adolf Hitler's actions until 1945 and took only limited interest in the atrocities that took place in the German-occupied territories. The awakening came after the end of military operations and the liberation of the concentration camps. With regard to Putin's Russia, it is not even 6 weeks after the beginning of combats ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 13 2022

Dear friends of Kobel's Art Week,the Russian junta's war against Ukraine is in its fifth week and the superpower announces that all they really wanted to do was liberate Donbass and Luhansk. At the same time, they proclaim that Russian culture would be destroyed by the class enemy, that Gogol and Tolstoy would no longer be read, that Rachmaninov and Mussorgsky would no longer be ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 12 2022

"My peace is gone" says Gretchen in Faust and later, slightly modified, "Putin, I am in fear of you", thus describing the emotional state of 99.9% of the free world, which had not thought that what happened on 24 February 2022 was possible. No one wanted to listen to the 0.1% admonishers and warners, because what cannot be cannot be. But now it is, and ... read more