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Zilkens' News Blog Archive

Zilkens' News Blog 27 2023

Today comes the 499th edition of all... In 2013, when the first one appeared, the AfD had just been founded as a party critical of the euro - a certain Mario Draghi started the flood of money with "whatever it takes" and as a result everyone who needed money was better off from day to day, because debt cost almost nothing anymore. The art market ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 26 2023

Today the 498th of all is published, i.e. for 9 years and 30 weeks you have regularly received Kobel's annotated press review on the art market free of charge as a service of our house. We will celebrate the 500th issue in Cologne on 8 July at 6:30 pm with Stefan Kobel and a small circle of invited guests. We have reserved 2 seats for ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 25 2023

Now this edition of Art Basel is over again - and we are looking forward to the continuation of the success stories from the first day, when not only a spider by Louise Bourgeois changed hands for 22.5 million EUR/CHF/USD but also one or two million-dollar deals were announced. Whether the beautiful Mark Rothko made it into new hands for 60 million is still unclear ... read more

Zilkens‘ News Blog 24 2023

Normally, tourism has its downsides for the country that is accordingly haunted for its attractiveness. The presence of museums does not lead to feelings of happiness in many a politician's brain, because good art is not to be had for free. Once again, Italy shows that there is another way: add a special tax to the entrance fee, which goes directly to Emiglia Romagna. This ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 23 2023

The Insurance Monitor concluded last week with humour: "2023 is the first normal year after the pandemic. But many changes due to the epidemic remain. This applies to work in the home, the famous home office. By the way, our British colleagues are always surprised at the choice of words, for them the home office is the Home Office. By coincidence, there is a whole ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 22 2023

Wikipedia is far from being AI - but the platform is a source from which AI draws information. It is considered a good example of swarm intelligence because a wealth of authors share their knowledge. The control is exercised by people who check the texts against their own criteria and those set by Wikipedia and then let them be corrected or removed from the net. ... read more