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Zilkens' News Blog Archive

Zilkens' News Blog 27 2022

More than half of the year is already behind us! The days are getting shorter again. The war in Ukraine has already lasted 131 days and Russia reports control over Luhansk. Donetsk and Luhansk are Ukraine's industrial regions with attractive mineral resources that could form the backbone of developing prosperity. The usurpers destroyed the Indurstrie, now they are handing out their passports as a cynical ... read more

Zilkens's News Blog 26 2022

Dear readers of Kobel's Kunstwoche,last week I had a rant about visitors to Art Basel not being able to visit TEFAF due to Covid - and now I've been hit myself. I've been tested positive for a week and am waiting for my release ... which is expected sometime this week - and then Maastricht, here I come. The experiences around it are interesting. Friends ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 25 2022

Stefan Kobel's Art Week is particularly detailed this time, so we'll make ours a little shorter:Germany and France have a massive problem on the right: in Germany, it is almost the entire East where the AfD, with its racist tendencies, is gaining high shares of the vote, and in France, it is no longer just the South where the Front National around Marine Le Pen ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 24 2022

Dear non-gendering and gendering readers (I'm curious to see what the English translation looks like),Three sad news first: Jacques de la Villeglé died at the age of 96. Alongside him, Raymond Hains and Mimmo Rotella took an aesthetically critical look at the billboards of the early modern period. Collage became décollage. On June 1st, Günther Freiherr von Salza und Lichtenau, former partner and managing director ... read more

Zilken's Newsblog 23 2022

Dear readers of Kobel's Kunstwoche,Monday was still a holiday in Germany - Whit Monday, in other words, the day on which one also commemorates the ability to communicate in several languages. Putin's soldiery had only one barbarically reduced vocabulary in store for Pentecost Sunday: missiles on Kyiv. Frightened Europe is currently trying its hand at multilingualism - wanting peace and yet professing its commitment to ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 22 2022

Dear readers,This Monday, too, Kobel's Kunstwoche appears fresh and lively with a plenitude of commented news on the art market.Unfortunately, we have to deal with a risk that millions of Europeans have only known about for decades from the news, because direct experience, depending on one's own age, goes back to one's great-great-great-grandparents - in other words, it no longer exists in the collective memory. ... read more