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Zilkens' News Blog Archive

Zilkens' News Blog 32 2023

In the 504th of them all, Stefan Kobel's half-year review goes into art fair reporting. From the fair in Singapore in January to the fair in Tokyo in July, everything that wants to be a big name is there.Meanwhile, the summer slump is being filled by journalists with survey data on the party landscape in Germany. Have you ever looked at the party programme of ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 31 2023

Stefan Kobel reviews the coverage of the auction world in the 503rd of all. The fairs are next.A Propos Messe - Köln Messe has cancelled Exponatec for 2023, which would have taken place at the same time as Art Cologne. "The decision not to hold the fair in 2023 was made against the background of difficult economic conditions and too little potential, especially in the ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 30 2023

Now the 502nd of them all - And summer has arrived in many galleries. Many are closed until mid-August, some until early September - no wonder it's so crowded in the holiday regions during the peak season. Good for the art-loving dealers who maintain exhibition spaces in the world's recreation centres. When the weather is bad, you don't necessarily have to support the fashion industry ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 29 2023

So now the 501st of them all! Stefan Kobel has compiled a lot of information on the art market. From Frieze to Volta, the arc stretches and in between a few thought-provoking things on market movements.Somewhere, art and culture are being left behind, although their representatives like to be ahead of their time, gender without need and appropriate all kinds of food, at the same ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 28 2023

So now the 500th of them all - and very big thanks to Stefan Kobel, who week after week takes on the art market reportage with commentary and brings out the pearls. However, he also looks into the rotten oysters and warns against enjoying them. When we started our joint project 9 years and 30 weeks ago, I was initially afraid that a critical spirit ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 27 2023

Today comes the 499th edition of all... In 2013, when the first one appeared, the AfD had just been founded as a party critical of the euro - a certain Mario Draghi started the flood of money with "whatever it takes" and as a result everyone who needed money was better off from day to day, because debt cost almost nothing anymore. The art market ... read more