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Zilkens' News Blog Archive

Zilkens' News Blog 6 2023

After a somewhat subdued January in terms of art fairs - apart from Art Singapore, there was nothing really going on - things are really kicking off in February. BRAFA kicked things off, and as a gallery owner and art critic, you would have to be in dozens of places around the globe at the same time to reach collectors of all sexes. Without claiming ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 5 2023

We are also starting the new week on a personal note:To the critics who immediately locate the opponents of gendering with the AfD, I would like to point out the following:The fact that the attempt to defend language as a means of understanding in its diversity and historical context, without making use of the blossoms that are driven with it today by underscores or asterisks, ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 4 2023

On our own behalf: We are looking for employees for our company. On the one hand, we are looking for someone who combines insurance knowledge with an interest in art history and enjoys negotiating the right insurance solutions for clients in all lines of non-life insurance. On the other hand, we are looking for a trainee who wants to spend 12 hours a week gaining ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 3 2023

If Meiread McGuiness has her way, we will soon have 200,000 more unemployed in Germany alone. She wants to introduce a ban on commissions in the brokerage of insurance and financial services. The Irish EU Commissioner was appointed to the position of Commissioner for Economic Affairs and Capital Services by Ursula von der Leyen in 2020. Before that, she was a member of the European ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 2 2023

Everyone is slowly coming back from the holidays - let's see how long people wish each other a Happy New Year? - Those who already started work last week probably don't notice any difference to the time before 1.1.Many have made their way to Singapore, where this year's first really interesting art fair starts next Wednesday. Unlike in the past (e.g. 2018), the spring family ... read more

Zilkens' News Blog 1 2023

The new year continues as the old one ended - at least in Ukraine, where Russia broke in on 24 February with "dance and bombs" (loosely based on Bert Brecht) and wants to make the living space of the people uninhabitable, bypassing all international conventions. The complete failure of diplomatic means, the shifting of spheres of influence around the globe and the powerlessness with which ... read more