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Kobel's Art Weekly Archive

Irina Goryacheva War&Peace; free via

Kobel's Art Weekly 21 2024

In the run-up to the New York auction week, Ulrike Knöfel tries her hand at art market bashing in the very best BILD style in Der Spiegel, with Magnus Resch spreading banalities as insider knowledge as a key witness. The author does not make herself any more credible with the prediction: ‘This season, the work of read more

Christie's website down due to hackers' attack

Kobel's Art Weekly 20 2024

This year, Tefaf New York starts as a latecomer to Frieze, which is likely to find its audience primarily among residents of the Upper East Side. Barbara Kutscher is delighted in the Handelsblatt: “It would be easy to forget the current uncertainty in the market. But as the recently published ‘Art Market Update’ by Bank ... read more

precarious existence: T.L. Busby, Painter's hall ca. 1826. Wellcome Collection. Public Domain

Kobel's Art Weekly 19 2024

Even in its current edition, the small Frieze New York hardly seems to excite anyone. Interestingly, both the big galleries with their usual sales reports and the usual media, which support the fairs' PR with reports of a “brisk start” and “buyoing sales”, are conspicuously reticent. Incidentally, Tefaf New York appears across the board in reports on satellite fairs, including Rachel Sherman's overview for the ... read more

Art Brussels 2024; photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 18 2024

Christian Herchenröder feels overwhelmed by the abundance of Gallery Weekend Berlin in the Handelsblatt: ‘The programme of the 55 participating galleries and other dealers ranges from German abstraction at Wolfgang Werner Kunsthandel to new artistic positions, as embodied by the landscapes of American Haley Mellin at Dittrich & Schlechtriem. There will also be a comeback by the Mülheimer Freiheit group ... read more

La Biennale di Venezia 2024; photo Stephan Zilkens

Kobel's Art Weekly 17 2024

Art market reporting in the narrower sense was sparse last week because the arts media worldwide focused on the Biennale di Venezia, which is officially a non-market event and yet is considered the largest art fair in the world. Here, not in Kassel, it feels like there is a gallery representative next to every exhibit and here, not in Miami, the most sophisticated dinners and ... read more

Art Düsseldorf 2024; photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 16 2024

Georg Imdahl emphasises the feel-good factor of Art Düsseldorf in the FAZ: "The feel-good factor in the former steelworks of the Böhlerhallen with its daylight is indeed hard to beat. A dealer from Düsseldorf isn't just being locally patriotic when he describes Art Düsseldorf as the second most beautiful fair after Paris+ in the Grand Palais Éphémère. Now that everything ... read more