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Kobel's Art Weekly Archive

20 years Frieze London; photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 42 2023

When a curator of a hip private art centre in Berlin mocks the victims on Instagram with pictures of the slaughter of peaceful festival-goers and celebrates the "poetic justice" of the terrorist action, the young man has obviously lost his ethical compass.The cynicism that speaks out of such statements, which are not even that rare on social media, is staggering. The criminals of Hamas, who ... read more

It's all change in the art world once again;  here Adeline Ooi; Photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 41 2023

For an employee of Messe Schweiz, Paris+ director Clément Delépine, in an interview with Bettina Wohlfarth in the FAZ of 7 October, is unusually clear after initial PR-speak. Asked whether Paris is curbing its ambitions so as not to cut off Basel's water, he answers: "Certainly not! There is no desire whatsoever in Basel for the Paris+, for example, to hide its light under a ... read more

Pikachu, van Gogh style by AI

Kobel's Art Weekly 40 2023

The Ukrainian internet database War & Art is not useful in its current form, Olga Kronsteiner writes in the Standard: "Anyone can report works of art via the website. Whether and in what form such reports are checked for plausibility is not clear from the information published there. The basis for the paintings, sculptures and ... read more

Roman Abramovich's yacht; photo Keld Gydum via Wikimedia

Kobel's Art Weekly 39 2023

With its focus on art from North Africa and the Middle East, the Menart fair has established itself in Paris, which Werner Bloch visited for the Tagesspiegel: "But if you want to sniff out something new and discover perspectives beyond the traditional Western view, this is the place to be. 'Arab contemporary art has grown exponentially in importance in the ... read more

not copyrighted in the US: AI generated images

Kobel's Art Weekly 38 2023

Help for the earthquake victims in Morocco through the sale of artworks is organised by the Artists for Morocco initiative, presented by Monopol. So far, 27 motifs by artists such as Hanane El Ouardani or Yto Barrada can be purchased at a net price of 125 euros each. According to Chinma Johnson-Nwosu in read more

Not quite Viennacontemporary's partner of choice (above); Photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 37 2023

The beginning of September has become the new hotspot in the art world calendar, the selection is now so unmanageable that not only the public, but also the media have to strongly select whom to pay attention to. The Brussels Gallery Weekend is at best still covered by local media. The Viennese art fairs have a turbulent history, which Nicole ... read more