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Kobel's Art Weekly Archive

The most unpretentious art fair entrance at artgenève; photo Stefan Kobel

Kobel's Art Weekly 5 2023

The Brussels Brafa seems to have come through the pandemic well, according to Alexandra Wach in the Tagesspiegel of 28 January: "After two cancellations, they lastly offered a replacement date in June at the new location of the Brussels Expo. A trial run that apparently fulfilled expectations. Because with the return to the old winter rhythm, the spacious rooms are once again being used. For ... read more

How Midjourney's AI imagines a robot painting Andy Warhol.

Kobel's Art Weekly 4 2023

After NFTs, art generated by artificial intelligence, or AI for short, could be the next issue to set the art market abuzz. Stephan Scheuer explains the phenomenon in the Handelsblatt: "The question of intellectual property is easy to answer at first glance, said Sarah Polcz of Stanford University Law School. 'A work of art created solely by artificial intelligence is ... read more

Banksy's charity edition Agile;

Kobel's Art Weekly 3 2023

Nothing seems too shabby for some people: according to Ursula Scheer in the FAZ, Russian hackers have attacked the website of the charitable organisation Legacy of War, which wants to finance ambulances for Ukraine with the sale of Banksy prints.Collectors are no longer willing to take risks, Allan Schwartzmann complains on read more

Tadas ForSureLetters, Light in the dark; free via

Kobel's Art Weekly 2 2023

What else happened in the art market during the second half of the year is documented in the third and last part of our review.Hauser & Wirth is said to have bought London's Groucho Club, including its art collection, from an investment company for nearly 40 million pounds, reports Oliver Barnes in mid August in the Financial Times.Ursula Scheer describes ... read more

Kristína Uhráková, HOPE for Ukraine; free via

Kobel's Art Weekly 1 2023

For the big auction houses, on the other hand, the first half of the year was surprisingly successful, as Christian Herchenröder analyses in the second of three parts of our season review at the beginning of August in the Handelsblatt: "A main indication of the market bull market are the global auction results of Christie's, Sotheby's and Phillips. They rose ... read more

Markus Hannonen, Light in the Darkness; free via

Kobel's Art Weekly 52 2022

The world is in crisis mode, the art market seems to be celebrating. In our three-part review of the art market coverage, we take another look inside and behind the scenes. We start with the fairs.The autumn season has not yet begun, there is already the first fair cancellation. Anny Shaw reports in The Art Newspaper the cancellation of the ... read more